Avoid These 4 Habits If You Want to Stay Focus on Your Job

It is not easy to stay focus on your job even though you want to. There are a lot of things around that can distract your attention. But, sometimes, released or not, your own habits can be the reason of your focus distraction. Here are 5 habits to avoid if you want to stay focus on your job.

Excessive Use of Social-Media

It seems like nowadays everybody needs social-media, so it becomes a habit.  Use social-media is okay. But, when you are in your working place that not required social media, then you need to stop it for a while. If you use that smartphone just to chatting with your boyfriend or girlfriend, or to upload your photo every minutes, then no wonder you are not focus at all.

The Habit of Thinking Too Much

You are required to put your attention on your job. Thinking too much just makes you stress. Bruce McEwen, PhD, the head of the neiro-endocrinology laboratory, Rockefeller University in New York, says that chronic stress can changes the structure of nerve cell in the brain. This makes you easily to forget and you will soon lose your concentration.

Rarely Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise can increase brain power and the ability to learn new things. The research from University of British Columbia has found that regular aerobic can boost the size of hippocampus, that benefit the verbal memory and learning. So, if you rarely exercise, you will lack in the memorizing and learning ability. You also lack in concentration or focus.

Lack of Sleep

The lack of sleep make the brain does not work properly. It reduces your ability in making decision, solving the problem, you have the trouble in control your emotion and behavior, you get mood swing easily, and it also reduces your ability in paying attention. The lack of sleep also affects your physical health. It disrupts your metabolism health, aging your skin, increase the risk of diabetes 2 and heart attack. Besides that, the lack of sleep makes you sleepy all day. If you drive a car or riding a motorcycle while sleepy, do you think what will happen?


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